Phone Jacks

Never Run Out

With Phone Jacks, your customers' phones will never run out - even when they're out and about.

They simply use the Phone Jacks app to find nearby venues that offer the Phone Jacks charger service.

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What's Phone Jacks?

Our Phone Jacks venue finder app combined with the stackable and portable Phone Jacks chargers and dual-function cables makes it easy for customers to DIY charge their devices at nearby venues.

Download the app

The Phone Jacks app available on the App Store and Google Play. Simply watch the App screens to see how our App works and then tap the 'How it works' button to see how to use the charger and cable.

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How it works

Burger! Burger!! Burger!!!
Coffee! Coffee!!

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To order one or more of our 5-unit charger sets, or to simply order one Phone Jacks charger unit plus cable, simply click below.

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